Saffron Minerals and Energy

Core Value & Belief: "Use that which we must to serve our need and not our Greed."

Whilst the hunger and dire need for energy worldwide is resulting in wars and a negative impact on the environment, our objective remains to use the current scenario to meet current needs.

We look forward to engage in projects and activities that provide alternate clean means of meeting our energy needs and leaving a non-hazardous imprint on the planet.

Renewable and clean energy projects are part of our long term goals.

Rehabilitation of mining sights we currently use are a key part of our focus area to ensure there is no raping of the planet and its resources whilst being very mindful of the reality of the energy needs globally and the race to ensure continued and uninterrupted supply thereof.

Saffron Minerals and Energy specialises in the facilitation of the sale of Coal, Iron ore, Manganese, Chrome, and other minerals to international markets and Blue Chip clients.

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